A Home Maintenance Program Tailored for You.

KDD Home Management will provide your home with a comprehensive maintenance program, ensuring that the inside and outside of your house is safe, functions properly and operates efficiently. We customize a seasonal preventive maintenance plan for you that will keep your house working optimally. In addition, if an issue at your home arises, it takes just one phone call and our clients receive an immediate response.





Why do I need a Home Management Service?

  1. Typically, a home is one’s most valuable asset.
  2. People spend more time in their home than anywhere else.
    1. Regular maintenance and inspections of your home are sensible for many homeowners.  Below explains a few reasons why:
      1. HEALTH.   Stabilize air and water quality readings for lead, radon, arsenic, E. coli bacteria, and other toxins.
      2. RELIABILITY: Ensure that the major home systems and appliances operate at optimal efficiency and warranties remain intact.
      3. STABILITY: Provide routine maintenance to major components of the home: HVAC system, water heater, disposers, faucets, drains, and more. This routine maintenance will save homeowners thousands of dollars in replacement parts and repairs when these components inevitably break or fail.
      4. SAFETY.  Maintaining alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and cleaning out various home vents to prevent fires.
      5. PREVENTION.  Inspections will prevent issues that lead to structural damage; e.g. wood rotting.
      6. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT.  Properly maintaining your home increases its value over time and will allow it to sell faster than a home that has not been serviced.
      7. RELAXATION.  This service saves you the time and hassle that comes with doing or hiring the professionals who do household handiwork. It allows you to free up your schedule, relax, and not worry about the pestering issues that come along with owning a home.

What can you expect during a semiannual or quarterly visit?

Each visit is scheduled, at your convenience, with one of our planners and then confirmed two days before the visit via email.

  1. If clients have specific concerns or areas that need attention, you can share it with us to help us prepare for the scheduled visit.
  2. During each visit, our technicians complete an in depth home management checklist. This is designed to identify your homes’ inefficiencies and needed maintenance as well as tend to any concerns that you may have.  Our routine visits are typically scheduled during fall and spring. As other issues arise throughout the year we can be contacted with a rapid response time. One of our professionals will address your concern within 24 hours. You can see our comprehensive list of services under standard services or premium services pages.

Do I need to be home for my appointment?

You do not need to be home for your maintenance appointments.  Our clients typically provide us with garage codes or keys to their homes. This allows us to provide quality service to your home without interrupting your busy schedule. We always recommend to our clients to go about their day as they would as if we weren’t even there. At the end of our service appointment, you will receive an email file containing any documented findings from the inspections, as well as before and after photos of any work completed.

How long does each visit last?

Our maintenance appointments can last anywhere from two and a half hours up to a full day depending on the work that needs to be done and the size of the home. The first half of the appointment is dedicated to our property inspections. After that our technicians move into the preventative maintenance phase of the appointment. Lastly, we will identify any additional items in need of work and/or perform services requested you, our client.

Who do I call to schedule or change a maintenance visit?

When you become a member of this service you will be assigned a home manager. In order to schedule an appointment or change the date of your appointment, all you need to do is call, text, or email your home manager at your convenience. Your home manager will oversee your maintenance schedule and provide estimates for other services.

How do I pay for the service?

Payments may be made monthly or in full.   Payments received in full are entitled to a 10% discount.   You can pay by check, made payable to KDDHM, or venmo.

How much does this service cost?

The cost is directly proportional to the square footage, number of bathrooms and number of appliances in the home

If I decide this service is not right for me, can I terminate the contract?

While we have NOT had a single client discontinue our service, we understand that situations arise and you are free to terminate your contract at any time within 48 hours of your scheduled visit.

What do I do with my pets during inspection or repair?

Most clients leave their pets home during inspections.  Our home managers and technicians are all pet friendly.   If you feel your pet is not comfortable with strangers, we ask that you watch your pet.


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